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So far, this just looks like an illustration.
But MG is getting their next model ready. It will be based off the Roewe 350.
Just like the current MG6 is basically a hatch version of another Roewe sedan.

The MG6 has been getting really good reviews in Europe so far. So it does look like they have a chance to really start over under Chinese ownership.

This is the new Roewe 350 sedan.
1.5 as well as a 1.8 Liter engines are available.
A turbo version of the 1.5 Liter will be available later.

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  1. It looks like an Alpha Guiletta got a little too friendly with a VW Golf and this was the unfortunate result.

  2. To the above 3, interesting thing is, this looks better than the Impreza, seemingly more modern than a Golf, and slightly less awkward to look at than the Guiletta.

  3. Besides the color and the angle of the photos, I don't see any Giulietta in this at all. This is a decent looking car, but the Alfa is art.

  4. Awwww it looks like a VW and a Corolla, I didn't know VW and Toyota had fling. Toyota should have told be about the car shower, I would have brought somthing.

  5. That looks exactly like the new Mercedes A-class pictured in your blog mated with the Another New Golf front end!

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