Next Mercedes A Class?

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These look better than other illustrations I have seen of the next small Mercedes model.
We are supposed to be getting the sedan version of this in the US. At least.

We’ll see next year how close these are to the real thing…

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  1. Real nice…I like it. Way better looking than the 1 series BMW.
    Good question Dav…..How much will this start at?

  2. This look like Alfa design it dose not look German. Any way, nice looking car much better then boring BMW.

  3. Is that a photoshopped Lexus hatchback hybrid thing, whatever it's called? The only thing about these images that will look even remotely like the new A-Class, is the grill, and perhaps the front bumper.

  4. You guys, are not familiar with SEAT (vw group). Check 2009 SEAT IBIZA… yet at least two times cheaper.

  5. looks nice but doesnt really look like the e-class which all coming benzes will look similar to.

    also, didnt the a-class have a kind of a compact minivan look?

  6. a big improvement stylewise – tho wonder if interior room will suffer too much
    really makes me think MB oughta be paying Mazda for this "Nagare-ische"

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