Range Rover Evoque

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Finally bringing the brand into the 21st century.
More pictures and details very soon, but it looks like FWD and 5 doors will be available as well.

What a nice design, so close to the concept from a couple of years ago…

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  1. After seeing the live reveal, I wish they out with one the length of the current Range Rover Sport but keeping the coupe-like roof, and two doors. In person, it's a lot smaller then I had hoped. That said, great design, and like the comment above, I hope LR has taken cared of the bugs that have plaqued previous models

  2. Gorgeous. Manages to look very modern yet still a Range Rover. Bravo to the design team at Range Rover for creating a superb example of modern 21st Century auto design

  3. I like the look. But FWD??? That's crazytalk. Range Rovers are supposed to be more substantial than that. I'm assuming that this idea is the influence of the new Indian owners.

    I'm sure we'll see it on the Housewives of New Jersey. They won't know the difference that it's a fake off roader.

  4. So are they going to go back to names like Freelander and Discovery instead of LR-Whatever we feel like?

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