Ranger Rover Evoque video

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It’s not moving much, but we do see a bit more than the one picture released so far.

I still think it looks great.

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  1. Finally a designer that got the headlamps just right ! not 2 foot square or trying to touch the doors, and love the built in led daytime lamps ! hope they have the balls to bring the 3 door to the states and hope it aint too overpriced, cause i wouldn't mind seeing these all over my roads ! ( I couldn't afford one lol ) .

  2. They did say that this was the first range rover for the masses, so I hope they meant that it will be a more affordable "baby" Range Rover, say lower 40k to mid 50's USD.

    And I like how the headlamps look like cat eyes in the dark. Bossy as hell 🙂

  3. LOL @ Education Project!

    I hope no one out there gets an ''educashun'' by him/her…cuz he/she will brainwash u into the notion ''for the masses'' = say lower 40k to mid 50's…HA, HA, HA!!! ROFLMFAO!!!

    To me, $26K, TOP, is ''for the masses''!

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