What could have been: Cadillac Seville

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This is yet another version of an Opel based Cadillac Seville.
The one I posted a few days ago was a regular sedan style.
This looks like a fastback, which was not available on the Opel.

GM finally decided to used a modified US chassis for the car instead of reworking an Opel, which would have cost even more.
In this case at least, it looks like saving money was the right thing to do.
The first Seville turned out great.

But the idea of a fastback design did end up in the second generation.

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  1. Would have bought this in a NY minute. Thanks for posting, Vince! Awesome Caddy – like a modern day CTS hatch. Love the "could have been" series here.

  2. Personally…

    I'm glad they didn't go this route, as the first generation of Cadillac's Seville represented the perfect blent of American tradition and international flare.

    It must be noted that this illustration obviously served as the inspiration for the second generation Seville's (RR-inspired) 'bustle back', which I found very daring and handsome in its day.

  3. I always thought the first-generation Seville was one of the best looking American cars of that period. I did not care for the second-generation, however, with the shortened rear end.

  4. To: July 31, 2010 4:37 PM


    Although the nose has a vague family resemblance to the '73 DeVille; this particular overall design was never used at all.

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