2011 Chevrolet Orlando

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These are the most revealing pictures so far, of the Cruze based wagon/crossover.
Except for some tape around the headlights, this is pretty much it.

And GM has already announced the US won’t get it.
Instead, the HHR lives on. For now.

The poor HHR really needs a bit of an update. How about a modern 6 speed transmission for starters. Instead of the 4 speed auto.

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  1. This looks a bit too conventional and cookie cutter. I actually prefer the design of the HHR. Although I know that it's not the most mechanically advanced, it's better than the Scion competition. And a colleague that owns one absolutely loves his, so that says something I guess.

  2. I believe that the GMC Granite Concept was based on the platform of the upcoming Chevy Aveo, which is even smaller than the Cruze.

    The Chevy Orlando is based on the Cruze so there is no GMC version, certainly not one named Granite.

    Even then, why would GM consign this versatile Orlando model to GMC dealerships when they could sell in far larger numbers through Chevy's vast network of dealerships.

    The limited network of GMC dealerships is one reason why the Pontiac G8 was did not sell well. There's no doubt the G8 would have sold in larger volumes through Chevy delaerships as a Caprice model.

    Anyway, GM should bring the Orlando over to the U.S. to generate more publicity for the Chevy brand. And it would be a great replacement for the HHR. Plus, it would nicely supplement the Cruze as a wagon alternative for those who like the Cruze but need more room and versatility. The Equinox and Traverse CUVs may be too large for a Cruze buyer so this Orlando would be the perfect size.

    Bring it over here!!!

  3. Unless I'm misjudging something because of camouflage, that side view has an element of "dorkyness" that I didn't see in the Orlando Concept. (Not quite as bad as, say, the Pontiac G6 Concept and the G6 production car.) But something, maybe the thickness of some pillars, doesn't look as good.

  4. i've never said anything crazy like this before, but GM should bring it over here as an second generation HHR

  5. Korean plates? What's a Chevy Orlando doing in South Korea?

    GM must be serious on replacing the Daewoo brand with the bowtie.

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