2011 Chevrolet Orlando

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These are the first official pictures of the production version of the all new Orlando.
The Cruze based 7 passenger uses the same 1.8 Liter engine.
Plus a couple of diesels in Europe, its main market.

Again, GM has decided the Cruze is not for the US, although it looks like Canada is getting it.
So it could be really easy for them to change their mind.

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  1. This is why GM decided to can it for the U.S.: Why sell a $20,000 Orlando when we can sell a $30,000 Traverse?

    This is why GM SHOULD sell the Orlando in the U.S.: Why buy a $30,000 Traverse when we can buy a $20,000 Orlando AND save even MORE money because of Fuel Economy?

    To be fair, no auto manufacuterer can go cold turkey on SUVs….they are scrambling to find a way to make the CUVs just as expensive…if not, MORE. Which is why there isn't an Orlando in the near future. Too bad, because Ford grew a brain and will be giving us the (Grand) C-Max. They will own the economical 7 passenger vehicle segment within the domestic brands. Chevy says "No!" and Chrysler says "What?"…and Ford will laugh all the way to the bank. I never thought I was see an innovative Ford. That used to be Chrysler's job…to PUSH the rest of the domestics to make something decent. A role now owned by Hyundai.

  2. Vince, although you made a mistake, don't worry, about it. It seems as if GM rather tease us about the 2009 I mean 2011 Cruze than debut it. I bet that's why you made a mistake.

  3. Opps, I forgot to commet on the Orlando. The concept looked much better. I'm not impressed and besides, all it is is an Axiom with the Borrego's tailights.

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