2011 Hyundai Accent hatchback. And sedan

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Seems like the new hatchback is a 5 door instead of the current 3 door version offered in the US.

The new Accent looks more upscale than the car it replaces.

And don’t forget, the current GLS sedan retails for about $13 500.
We are talking about a pretty inexpensive car here.

I think for the price, it foes look great.

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  1. I like the versatility of the hatch/wagon (I call it a wagon but I realize it's a hatch) but I like the looks of the sedan better. This car looks pretty good and is a lot of car for the money. It'll be interesting to see how it does against the Fiesta.

  2. Once again, a very nice design with a strong family look! They are on a roll! It will be interesting to see if Toyota and Honda wake up.

  3. The hatch looks very similar to the i30 hatchback, but with a different front. Is it based on the i30?

  4. Easily one of the very best looking (inside and out) sub-compacts at any price…

    At the (speculated) asking price, it's unbeatable.

  5. I am soooo tired of smiling-mouths grilles. Too many manufacturers have been using this design for too many years. Yet another smiling mouth on a brand new design is simply boring. Come on Hyundai! You can do better than borrowing the Honda Fit's grille. The hexagonal grille on the upcoming Sonata Hybrid is nice and different

  6. Time to consider kimchi (it's great if you like spicy and flavorful fermented cabbage) and Korean cars, too.

    Hyundai and Kia are getting increasingly better, and their styling has come a long way from dowdy to superior.

    These are the competitors to watch………

  7. The current Accent sedan comes with a rear center armrest. I know this is a nitpicky type thing, but it is a small step backwards.

    What I would really love to see is a 5-door version of the new gen Elantra or a wagon version of the current Sonata.

  8. I really don't know how anyone can say this is attractive. It's not ugly, but there's nothing to it. Certainly not moving the bar up any.

  9. What I'd like is an Elantra Wagon (Touring?] w/ updated mechanicals and dash – 6-speed auto + nav.

    I think it's the best looking and most practical car Hyundai offers.

    Alternatively, I do like the idea of a Sonata wagon, but they'd need to restyle it – it's a little too sweepy, and if a wagon is going to be practical (and what's the point of an impractical wagon?), you need the rear end of the car to be squarish. I think it would be a good alternative to the very pricey Volvo wagons, which I heard Volvo may be pulling from the US market anyway.

  10. The US Model will look a little different guys. The US Model usually is patterned off the Korean spec Model (The Koreans usually get the works), but with a larger powertrain and different options.

    This Verna is for markets like China and India. The Russians and other 3rd worlders will get a stripped down version worth under $10K.

    I think our American Accent hatch will actually look better.

    Europe will get this as i25 to slot in between i20 (which is 3 inches smaller than Accent 3 door-3 inches in a small car is the difference between being comfortable and cramped) and i30.

    The American spec cars will always get an i-5 designation in Europe and Australia. ix35=Tucson just like i45=Sonata. The Elantra will come to Europe as i35, as it is the size of a Whale compared to i30.

    NOTE: ix-5 designation=crossover.

    The 3 door Veloster replaces both Accent 3 door and Tiburon. Its Hyundai's way of killing 2 birds with 1 stone. It doesnt make sense to sell 2 Accent sized 3 doors at the same time from the same brand. KIA Rio will get a 3 door too, so if youre looking for a 3 door HKAG will have them in the form of Veloster and Rio.

  11. Alright….Usually I can't stand the comments that people say sometimes about how this one and that one MUST be a Hyundai salesman……but in this particular case, it might appear that Mr./Ms. Hyundaismoke may actually work for Hyundai? Either that or his buddies need to take him out drinking more often:) Just kidding…Thanks for the info. I must say it was quite informative. If it's correct that is. I'll take your word for it….I'm too lazy to look all that up and double check it.

  12. hyundai is coming out with a hatch!!! and a sonata wagon, as well as a coupe, do your HOMEWORK PEOPLE!!!!

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