2011 Hyundai Azera

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Hyundai figures that between the Sonata and the $33 000 V6 Genesis, there is still room for another sedan.
Doesn’t seem to be working with the current Azera, at least in the US.
(I have seen more Teslas than Azeras on the road in the past couple of years…)

But it looks like they will try again.
Not sure why not….

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  1. A new Azera COULD be Hyundai's ES350 / Buick LaCrosse competitor. Not everyone wants a rear wheel drive Genesis, and the current Azera is too old school and outdated to get many sales – though the people who buy them love them.

  2. Hyundai/Kia has been generating a lot of buzz lately but the one thing I can't understand, is that I rarely ever see Asian or specifically Korean people driving them. I live in a city with a large Asian population and the Korean's seem to prefer Toyota's as their car of choice.

  3. Well the Azera is still popular in many other countries, since the Genesis was only engineered for LHD, leaving this as the only big hyundai available in RHD markets. For example, you can see that many Azeras are being used as taxis in Singapore.

  4. I thought the new Sonata could handle the job without the Azera. But if they want to bring out this it better be as good as the LaCross and Taurus.

  5. I think it's a good idea for Hyundai to keep this car going…..as long as they update the old looking front end….which I'm sure they did. I agree that it makes a nice competitor to the es350, taurus and LaCrosse. I'd still rather have a LaCrosse myself though. I like what they did to the c pillar window.

  6. Oh.. Koreans love their own cars, don't you worry. Chinese on the other hand think that Toyota's, Camrys and Corollas are the best thing since sliced bread.. which they aren't.

  7. Vince,

    People are not driving Azeras because they are boring looking. A sexy design will change all that.

  8. I've said it before…
    Take that new 2.0T from the Sonata, throw it in a hatch, position it like a GTI (perhaps AWD). Dump the large cars – we don't need yet another large car (no matter how good)… Revive the Tiburon name perhaps- but not that body style – a 4 door 2 door hot hatch just like GTI would be perfect. Elantra Touring is… too minivan like for many tastes.

  9. That new HED-5 they have out testing is the Elantra Touring Replacement. Thats why they test it in America a lot as well as Europe.

    They call it an MPV, but its more of a Matrix like but premium hatch than anything.

    Some reports say Veloster is Elantra Coupe. We will see. Its on the Accent/i20/Soul platform.

    I can see them doing a ix25 Crossover for Europe on the Accent Platform, use the AWD system in Soul, and Veloster and Accent.

    NOTE: Sportage and Tucson are on an Elantra Platform, and Hyundai/KIA really should think about considering an AWD Elantra with a turbo because of this.

    Hyundai needs the Azera to bridge the gap between Accent, Elantra, Sonata, and Genesis, Equus.

    Many people feel better about buying that Accent, Elantra, Sonata just because the Genesis/Equus are now part of the brand. If Mercedes didnt have E and S Class as a brand Halo, then the A and B Class would be treated like lesser cars.

    The A class is 1 1/2 step up from current Gen Accent in fit and finish and next Gen Accent will be equal to this car, BUT FOR HALF THE PRICE!!

    What Hyundai needs is an AMG like performance division.

    Yeah Hyundai, like a COSTCO Mercedes. Steal people from Mercedes with upmarket SE/Limited Trims, and Toyota, Honda, VW with downmarket GS/GLS trims at the same time Sounds pretty sweet to me.

  10. I thought the new Sonata was only to come with 4-cylinder engines. Perhaps they'll give this one the V6.

  11. Vince, they NEVER advertise the Azera. They had a very small ad budget when the vehicle was released.

    You can't sell a vehicle that people don't know about.

    On a side note, that Hyundaismoke guy is obnoxious.

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