2011 Jeep Wrangler

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It didn’t really need anything, I thought, but it got it anyway.
A new dashboard. Which is fine.

And now, the removable top comes in colors.
Plus, the Jeep of the future also comes with Bluetooth and a USB plug for your iPod.

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  1. I'm liking it. I've seen more and more jeeps on the road recently – and find myself wishing I had one!

    I'd even consider it IF they could do something about the hideous fuel economy.

    How can this thing be so terrible at that??

  2. I like it alot better with the painted tops ! and ya I see alot of them and from a distance they look badass very similar to the mercedes g wagon, so the color roof will only help, cant wait for the penstar v-6 to get into this monster and help the mileage out a little cause its a pig ! And if you would have showed me this picture of the 2011 wrangler in 1982 when i had my CJ-5 i would have said "no way dude" ! it will be a futuristic and modern, lol

  3. Considering that this will go places even Land Rovers, Hummer H1's & Oshkosh Trucks can't go–the gas mileage is amazing (20MPG Hwy) And it can tow a big trailer down the highway at 80 MPH. Or snow plow a driveway that a tank can't get thru. This is competeing against vehicles that get 4mpg-14 tops. AND IT LOOKS SO COOOL!!!!!

  4. Vince, what ever happened years back when you said you had the craziest idea of being CEO of Chrysler??????

  5. Sorry Vince, I'm not with you on this one…I thought the old interior looked PATHETIC!!! This newer one at least looks A LOT better. I wonder if the doors will still feel like they're made of paper when you close them. I don't think it has side impact protection bars since it's not classified as a "car".

  6. Vince, the old interior was hands down the worst in the industry. Either you have NO idea of what you are talking about or you have never been in a Wrangler.

    The plastics were beyond cheap, think Rubbermaid plastic bins. The plastic also scratched very easily. Fit and finish wasn't even a consideration.

    I think you just haven't been in a Wrangler.

  7. The color-keyed roof & fenders make it look a lot like the DAKKAR that Jeep had in trade shows about 5 years ago. Very sharp! A sort of "Hummer" or "Defender" but with much better gas mileage, better quality, and more off-road agility to boot! Nice Jeep; very nice indeed!

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