2011 Toyota Highlander

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The front as almost all new, but that might be the biggest news for the revised Highlander.
Don’t expect a new interior, or new engines.

The Highlander has always been one of the most invisible car on the road, and the 2nd generation didn’t do anything to change that.

The Camry of SUVs now lives in a sea of increasing better looking competition.

This is what it looks now.
I guess the changes do add just a little bit more character…

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  1. I always thought the 2nd gen highlander was a really good looking SUV, except for the front end… I actually really like this new one… its a subtle difference but it is now less awkward

  2. hey toyota was hiding safety information that could have saved lives……..soooooo….forget any toyota, they are black listed for me and all my family

  3. Thats not what the independent investigators are saying. It seems quite a few people cant accept responsibility for their own driver error.

  4. Toyota is a slidin' a real cheating company. Did you know that Toyota has more lobbyists in Washington than any other company and hires more previous NHTSA employees than any other car company….hmmmmm….I wonder why they would do all that…???

  5. Probably why NASA was involved in the investigation as well. The US is the most corrupt country on earth.

  6. toyota would have the weak , feeble minded believe that driver error caused people to die, however, they recalled 10 million vehicles and no other company not even Kia Junk recalled sooooo many, nor reported driver error. Funny how toyota drivers have errors and drivers of Nissan, Mazda and others do not….hmmmmm, i wonder.

  7. "Funny how toyota drivers have errors and drivers of Nissan, Mazda and others do not….hmmmmm, i wonder."

    All the mentioned car makers had the same unintended acceleration problem. Please do some more research. You are very uneducated.

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