2011 Toyota Verso S

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Basically a larger version of the Yaris.
But it looks like this one might be based on the next Yaris.

I remember Toyota mentioning last year that we might see something like this in the US.
So this one might end up here as part of the redesigned Yaris lineup sometime next year.

It could definitely compete with the Honda Fit in the US.

We’ll see…

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  1. Okay, I thought the Chinese were good for stealing an exact design of a car. This looks JUST LIKE a Honda Fit with a different front end. Are you serious Toyota? Where is the originality?????? Oops, I forgot, we are talking about Toyota. I stopped getting excited about new Toyota designs since 1997. So I'm not surprised.

  2. It's a photoshop. . . some mangled a Honda and decided to call it a Toyota. 1st generation Fit with a Yaris, Vios, iQ jumpled and blended together. (A pillar, mirror, B, C, and D pillars give it away)

    The interior is a mashup of some poor Toyota's roof and a Honda City (door panels and dash shelf give it away).

  3. I like it, though I do think the gearshift is a little silly. This isn't a Mercedes (where those types of gearshifts originated) or a sporty car.
    I like the auto gearshift used in the current generation Honda Civic, in which you shift in a straight line and the release lever is under your fingertips.

    I would want some decent sound insulation, 4 wheel disc brakes, a 6-speed auto, and rear seats that easily fold perfectly flat. Also, rear windows that go all the way down. The trick rear seats of the Fit are nice, but not necessary.

  4. Hyundai and Kia should use a version like this of the Accent and Rio if they want to stay in the competition for the new generation.

  5. It's a photoshopped 1st gen fit. . . all you people saying Toyota copied them are really really blind. . .

  6. It's not a photoshop. It's real and I think it's looking really good. Not a big fan of that automatic gearshift design though.

  7. "I thought it was a typo, and then realized the Versa is a Nissan. Way to go Toyota."

    Are you joking??? The Verso name has been used by Toyota in overseas markets for over 10 years. Please know something about cars beyond your own ignorance before stating such facts. Yaris Verso, Avensis Verso, Corolla Verso. These are all tall crossover-like vehicles based on their namesakes, and have been for a long time, just not sold in the narrow-minded North American market. The Nissan is called Tiida in Japan.

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