2011/12 Hyundai Accent hatchback

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Unlike the current model, the next generation hatchback version of the Accent will be available with 5 doors.
At least in some markets.

Looks like a straight hatchback version, with few surprises.

Here is the sedan version of the next Accent.
Every Hyundai sedan now looks like a smaller version of the new Sonata.

Which is OK I guess.

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  1. Hyundai is looking stronger and stronger every day, and this Accent Hatch will probably only makes things better.

  2. Hyundai needs to drop the Generic look of the genesis and the LESS branded style of the sonata and go with this design. Looks more worked out. Good Job

  3. My wife has a current gen Accent. While 2 doors is a huge pain in the ass, the car has been really good to us and is a tight handling little car. FTW, I like this car way way way better than my '00 Civic.

    Before she bought the Accent, we checked out it's Kia cousin, the Rio. The Rio was available in a 5 door configurations (WTF hyundai?). We would rather of had the 4 door from the Rio's but couldn't stomach the cheaper plastics and fabrics inside.

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