2012 Ford B-Max?

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It seems like Ford is getting the small Fiesta based B Max ready to start production sometime in 2011.

I’d say chances of getting it over here are pretty slim. We are already not getting the new C-Max.
The one we’re getting here is the bigger (and uglier) Grand C-Max.
So the even smaller B-Max will probably stay in Europe.


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  1. As long as it offers something over the Fiesta as far as usefulness and versatility are concerned. The current European Fusion is similar in concept, but it is merely a Fiesta with more headroom and a higher price tag. Unless you are over 6'5" it is a pointless car. If this is just more of the same, then the Europeans can keep it.

  2. "I would love to see something like this from any manufacturer. Somewhat unique here I suppose."

    For real? The side profile is on the Aveo, fit, Mazda 3, Rav-4, jeep campass.

    The grill looks like the new Elantra. The Mirrors stick out like the Prius, Civic, Mercedes

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