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I know a few people here (Including myself) regard the CC as a great looking car. And we just don’t want VW to mess with it.
Well, they will…

By next year, it will get the front end that all VW models have been getting over the past 2 years.
But actually, it doesn’t seem to ruin the car. A good thing.

We might also see new lights in the back and a revised interior. But not an all new design.

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  1. Let's just hope they fix that HORRIBLE rear end.

    It's an awesome looking car except for that. Much like the new Buick Regal is great looking inside and out but that pinched rear looks so weak as well.

    "We like big butts and we cannot lie – those other brothers can't deny!"

    Ok – I'm done now.

  2. i almost bought one of these, but the sunroof only tilts, does not slide open. That was a deal breaker for me.

  3. The CC has great proportions and stance. I think the messy detailing (headlight, grille and tail lights) lets the design down though. This facelifted version could a great looking car.

  4. John m, guess what? the VW CC is going through the same stage the Mercedes CLS went through. the original cc had a striking presence, but the next gen cc will follow the design language of the next gen VW, just like THE next gen MB CLS has followed the design language for the next gen MB. its all the same! both cars had an original striking presence, but both second generations lost that and went along with current design language standards, yet they both still look good.

  5. Warren: Agreed. I'd rather have a good used one than this new one. This just looks like they put a cheaper front end on it. What's going on with VW lately? It seems they're trying to make all their cars cheaper…I guess to sell to a wider range of people. And possibly to put some distance between them and Audi to make Audi appear even more upscale? I don't know…just guessing.

  6. John m- Well they are trying to go with the Toyota idea: bland but selling in larger numbers. the cc should be none of these. it should be the Hyundai genesis of the group. yes this is a mid-sized 4 door, but vw already and will have another 4 door mid-sized sedan so this should stand out more. yet still, vw's look better than Toyotas. even if they looked cheaper. personally, i think toyota needs to go off of the market permanently lolz. but they need to learn how to sacrifice. Hyundai now makes good quality cars for seductive attracting prices, and they sell in large numbers. remember the 90K Phaeton thats no longer in the us? exactly my point. look at the price of the genesis, who would've known that Hyundai would sell a 40,000 car in such large numbers? cause its cheap for a premium luxury car. In general, good quality and cheap. VW should learn from Hyundai.

  7. Not as terrible as what I thought it would be.

    As to poster #1…Let's just hope they fix that HORRIBLE rear end….put down the bong…the CC is the best looking car on the market…period.

  8. "look at the price of the genesis, who would've known that Hyundai would sell a 40,000 car in such large numbers?"

    Large numbers? They aren't. Not that 40k is even that much for a car these days.

    I don't think it's wise for VW to attempt to compete on price with the Koreans. This isn't the 1960s anymore, there's no market in the US anymore for floating air cooled Beetles, and they'll lose the price war against the Asian brands. VW needs to compete in other areas where they have a leg up. Engineering and design at VW still trumps anything that Hyundai can churn out.

  9. I bought a loaded Nissan Maxima instaed. Very close deal price wise. A friend had one of these so I was leaning towards one. Now 1 Year later I acn say I made the right choice . Maxima is as day one, still is brand new in every way. My friends passat has had a few issues.

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