2013 Saab 9-3

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For 2011, the 9-3 will get yet another round of small changes.
But about a year later, the all new model will come out.
This is an idea of what it could look like.

I really hope the new 9-3 looks great.
The 9-5 looks very impressive in person, but it is still a bit conservative. the 9-3 needs to be quite a looker, and a hatchback, to get Saab back on track.

In other news, it seems they are well on their way to make a deal with BMW to use the next generation Mini platform for their small and retro looking 9-2.
That’s pretty good news…

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  1. It looks too much like the current 9-3. Maybe this is the "other round of small changes" due this fall, rather than the redesigned model to be introduced next year.

  2. Pretty Nice 'Rendering'… let's hope the actuaL proportions are better realized than the new 9-5 I just saw.


  3. lemme get this straight, cost as much as a bmw 3-seires, base engine with turbo makes not much over 200 hp, higher end engine doesn't make much more than v6 camry and accord that's been out for years, predominately front-wheel drive based on a GM chevy/saturn platform, with below industry average reliability, and a non-existent dealership network.

    yeah, ok, totally man, a new exterior and a hatch are the only 2 issues they have, take care of those two saab will instantly be the top selling brand in the universe for the remaining of humanity, and the second it hits the showroom all the top execs at BMW and lexus will die of anxiety and their dealerships will explode.

  4. Hey they could go back and copy my old 1982 900 turbo line for line and id be very happy ! and hey while your at it make it rear wheel drive !

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