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When it is redesigned, a bit over a year ago, the new A3 will be offered in both hatchback and sedan.
The sedan version will be the most popular in the US.

I think, even though I like the A3 hatch, this is a good move for Audi.
Already almost half of the A3s sold in the US are diesels. Which is pretty amazing.

I actually cannot wait for the next A3.

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  1. Very clean, and if there's a company who understands how to sexily package "less-is-more", its Audi. Does/would this compete with the BMW 1-series?

  2. 50% diesels is not amazing although Audi keeps saying that over and over and then not mentioning that absolute numbers are very small. Audi sold only 424 A3 last month. So even 100% is not that much diesels. Q7

  3. So Audi is going to be selling a Jetta with Audi lipstick on it? No thanks, those cars are total POS.

  4. A redesigned A3 in both hatchback and sedan versions should be very popular in the U.S.

    Personally, I think that Audi's base prices for the A3 and A4 are very competitive, and a small-than-A4 sedan could tap into a lot of demand for more affordable Audis.

  5. Since the new 2011 VW Jetta has been heavily decontended in order to compete with civics corolla, etc; there is more than enough room for a four door A3. The A4 is almost a mid-sized car now, so there needs to be a premium german compact sedan to pick up where hi-end jettas were. If they build it, I'll be the first in line with my checkbook.

  6. So since this new A3 will likely be based on the VW Jetta (nasty), does that mean it will also be built in Mexico like the other Jetta POS? If so, I can already hear this thing rattle and having electrical trouble! LOL

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