Citroen C4 Interior

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Many European cars do offer a glass roof.
But the one in the all new C4 has to be one of the most impressive ever.
It must be quite an experience.

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  1. Franckly speaking: it's not. The glass roof in the C4 (as well as many other Peugeot and Citroën models) cannot be opened. Which is a shame. Many other cars do get panoramic sunroof that are way better.

    As a potential customer, I just wouldn't buy a car without an electric sunroof. A fixed glassroof is not enough.

  2. Citroen seems to have lost the interresting design innovation that used to be it's hallmark–not unlike GM & Chrysler. Such is life in the world of over-regulation. Once again, a good car; but what the world really yearns for is a truely GREAT one. And that requires unusually unique styling–which this isn't. It thrills me as much a new top-load washing machine–but less than a blue front-load washer would.

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