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The all new DS4 is based on the recently introduced C4. But with it’s own design, and is claiming to be more upscale.

Not sure if this is working. The C3 based DS3 has been out for a bit in Europe and I wonder if it is selling well.

19 inch wheels, panoramic windshield, leather everywhere etc…

Still, it’s no DS….

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  1. That's exactly what i think, Vince 😉 Increasing base price, adding leather and glass-roof everywhere it is possible or redesigning some parts of bodywork doesn't make it different car that deserves calling it legendary DS. Moreover, here in Poland, DS3 is sold for a while and i haven't seen it on the road yet.

  2. This design would look great… on a bigger vehicle. Like a mid-sized sedan, a small SUV or even a mid-sized coupe CUV (like the BMW X6). I've seen other pics and frankly… there's just way too much going on, everywhere! The same goes for the interior. A lot of unnecessary lines, curves, and moldings.

  3. I can assure you that the DS3 is selling very well in europe. I see almost the same amount of C3 and DS3, here in Belgium

  4. What a gorgeous piece of car. If it's half as good as Renault, it will be a success. Bring these over here as a New Franchise. I'm in taber wit!

  5. yes, the DS3 is also selling just as good as the C3, here in Germany – but that is a subjective perception. I like what they did with the doors, but more that that I would have liked to see a more distinctive front end.

  6. Love it! Possibly my next car in a few years! It's sort of like a smaller version of the X6, but much more practical.

  7. Too bad this car isnt coming to Canada, but since Fiat 500 is coming to Canada maybe Citroen will have its way to ship this car to Canada.

  8. Looks like a more conservative, lower-priced alternative to the Alfa-Romeo Giuletta. A bit dull for a Citreon, but O:K. If I were into little cars though, I'd have to stick with the Alfa-Romeo. For now though I'll stick with the Chrysler 300; it's more my size.

  9. A C3 by any other name is still just a lowly, tiny, cheap (albeit overpriced) C3. Hopefully the upcoming D4 & D5 won't be such overwhelming disappointments. The origional DS was truely an impressive, innovative, game-changing automobile; this, on the other hand…

  10. DS3 is getting great reviews and I think it is not a slow seller either. I really like DS4, too. Definitely much better looking than regular C4.

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