Mini-er Mini?

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Mini is working on an even smaller car.
It kind of make sense.

When you see the current mini next to the original, the new one looks huge. So there is room to shrink.

The new model would compete with the Smart and Toyota/Scion iQ, so it might not even seat four.

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  1. how small its interior, when current mini is smaller, except in trunk space, when comparing Scion iQ!?

  2. If it's less than 3 metres long, I could accept it being a two-seater. But if it's 3 metres or more, it would be an epic fail for it to seat less than four. The Toyota iQ can seat four at 2.98 metres long, and so can the Tata Nano at 3.10. The original Mini (which also sat four) was 3.05.

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