Next Kia Rio

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Looks like a small version of the new Optima, more than a small Forte.
Which is fine too.

Based on the all new Hyundai Accent.

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  1. Lol. You know what's funny? The Cruze was supposed to debut around the same time as the Forte, but now it's going to debut a little before the next Rio. Lol. Have fun struggling with Cruze sales.

  2. Finally, been waiting months for a spy pic of my next car and you came thru for us vince !! cant wait to see it without camo ! my 06 rio has been a great car, just oil changes and a radiator flush with 60k on it, no recalls and 1 t.s.b. for a radiator cap, free replacement..

  3. Am I the only one who loves the design direction of the Hyundai/Kia brand? I mean, I remember when only annoying young girls drove Kias… I'm actually considering an Optima or Sorento. Who would've ever thought?????? LOL

  4. "…my 06 rio has been a great car, just oil changes and a radiator flush with 60k on it, no recalls and…"

    If it's such a great car why trade at 60k???? My Dodge has 160k and I have no intention of trading anytime soon. That may impress a Honda or Toyota owner, but to a Dodge owner it sounds pretty poor! …by the way…what's a radiator flush? Should I have done that when I changed the oil? Mabey I'll do it on the second oil change at 200k. (I use synthetic oil so it lasts longer–that and I drive a Dodge)

  5. Hyundai/Kia is doin it way hI. I'm like beyond shocked w/ what they're doin noW. Its like they're breakin a secret industry rule by makin such hot/cool cars!!

  6. Kia and Hyundai are serious players now… watch out Honda and Toyota, you are gonna fall behind the sales. Good job Kia and Hyundai for stepping up!!

  7. Looks nice so far from what I can see. I dont think the new wheel design Kia has been using on other new vehicles works for this smaller car…makes it seem a little awkward

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