Next Porsche 911 Illustration

This would look great, just the way it is.
Keeping the traditional 911 lines and making the whole thing look almost futuristic at the same time.

Not that I am in the market for one, but it would be great to see these in the streets.

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  1. Agreed, Vince. Love it. Only the slanty lamps need to go. Wonder what the front would evolve into …

  2. I once owned a 993 Turbo, at the time it was my dream car, but…

    When it came time to 'replace' that gorgeously lithe, purposeful design, and I saw what was the 996, and was instantly appalled by the bloated-ness of it all, accompanied by that disproportionately long nose grafted onto the front.

    This (more of the same) restyling appears to be little better, so I guess at this point there's no turning back to the days when the 911 was primarily a finely tune precision driving instrument wrapped in a suitably aerodynamic sub-compact body.

    Oh Well…

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