Peugeot 508

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This is what it looks like in the streets.
Already invisible and quite boring..

But the worse thing is, the trunk that is not even protected by the bumper.
That bumper doesn’t seem to be sticking out at all, protecting nothing.

I have seen this in some SUVs before, like the CRV, but never on an upscale sedan.

I guess people don’t mind, seeing how popular the CRV is.

Go figure…

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  1. Ahhhh… How I long for the days when Peugeot's actually had a bit of Funky French-ness, but this already looks old and dated.

  2. People do mind about costs of simple parking lot bumps, but their options to avoid this are fewer and fewer. Side moldings are a thing of the past. Front bumpers are supposedly designed "for pedestrian impacts." Bullsh*t. It reduces manufacturing costs and weight for the makers. It seems the trunks/hatches, tail lamps, bumpers and now a third of the rear fender is expendable to minor collisions. Makes for good repair costs at the expense of insurance claims. It's all favored to the manufacturer and not the consumer.

  3. Really Vince? That no bumper look in the rear seems much cleaner to me. So many cars now feature front bumpers that are flush with the grills to give a sleeker profile. I presume that this design still passes minimum impact regulations? Remember those horrible bumpers Mercedes would put on their cars in the 70's to meet US standards? Looked horrible compared to the European versions…

  4. Honda started doing two-piece trunk lids to make the flush bumper work. The lower portion is supposed to be composite so it's more flexible in minor collisions. If there's more damage, it can be replaced without changing the whole tailgate/lid.

  5. Looks nice ! Looks fragile !! guess any range rover going over 4 mph and rear ending this thing is gonna bite that trunk lid, then tailamps !

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