2011 Audi A1 1.4 TFSI

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There is a new engine available in the A1 for 2011.
A small 1.4 Liter with both A Supercharger and a Turbo.
The whole thing puts out 185 hp. through a 7 speed auto.

It is said to average 40MPG (US).

Quite amazing. And what a formidable competition to the Mini Cooper S.
But not here. We are still not scheduled to get the A1 in the US….

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  1. I love the design but I think Audi is probably correct in thinking that this wouldn't sell well in the US.

    For the US, I think the need to focus a bit on making the A3 better and differentiating it more from the Golf.

  2. That's 40mpg according to ECE. But typically that's 20% higher than EPA so rather about 32mpg.

    The critized CRZ is more fuel efficient and costs 10K less (this one will be around $30K).

  3. unusually bland for an Audi. Looks old, but not retro–just really old (but with updated headlights). Yawn.

  4. That ridiculous enormous Audi grille and terrible headlight design make this little ugly car look like it has Down's Syndrome

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