2011 BMW 6 series

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Still just an illustration, but BMW has already claimed their new 6 series will be one of their best designs ever.

Not sure exactly when we’ll see the real thing, (Paris show?), but I’ve always liked the current model.
I am sure this will turn out to be another stunner.

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  1. Honestly… BMW appears to have been so 'shaken' by harsh criticisms waged against its 'Bangle-Era' efforts that it has decided to simply manufacture the exact same vehicle in different sizes/door configurations in an effort to place it safe.

    If this is (in fact) the next 6-Series, it's a truly dull/mundane/boring successor to a distinctive. if polarizing, previous version.

  2. Never been a fan of the current 6 series. It looks too much like a New Jersey guido car. BMWs newer designs are quite stunning… the 5Series GT excluded of course. This illustration is very nice.

  3. huge smile grille….childish. other than that, every other detail is like a 1998 BMW. Old! Infiniti essence coupe, real version out in 6 months, now that's style and incidents of problems per 100 vehicles is much lower in an Infiniti than a BMW.

  4. The 6 series they built 10, heck even 20 years ago was a heck of a lot more interresting than this! If we want boring, we'll buy a Camry Solaria! (Personally, I'm looking hard at a Mustang Shelby Convertable– now THAT'S SEX APPEAL!)

  5. All of you people online bitching about Bangle's designs have created boring, bland BMWs. Although I do think the current 6-Series looks cheap and tacky, the 5-Series GT and the X6 are the only interesting vehicles they have left. Shame on all of you for making this glorious company a purveyor of nothing but boring, bland cars.

  6. To 5:04… Bad design is not the cure for blandness. Bangle is an idiot, and his influence on BMW's vehicles were tragic. That's going to be his legacy, and his designs are quickly being expunged from BMW's visual brand language. Thankfully.

  7. I liked the Bangle designs and haven't bought any BMW (before or since) EXCEPT my Bangle 7 series sedans. I don't like the new generic direction BMW is headed and will probably stick with Cadillac, Jaguar & possibly a new Infinity M.

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