2011 Chrysler Sebring???

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Chinese brand Beijing was, until recently, producing the Sebring and 300 for Chrysler in Chine.
Soon they will come out with this new sedan,the T8, “based” on the Sebring.

You can tell the roof and windows are the same.. But it does show what can be done to extensively refresh the car without a total redesign.

Which, I think, is what Chrysler is doing for the Sebring.
It even has a grille similar to the new 2011 300.

I think this would be a best case scenario for the 2011 Sebring. A huge improvement from the current model.

But who knows, maybe all Chrysler has in store for us is a new front end, revised tail lights and a new interior….

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  1. Well… One thing's for certain – That front end looks virtually identical (except the grill is larger here) to the Chrysler 300 (the mule) I've seen all over Las Vegas recently.

    So… I'm going with Yes, this is the Sebring refresh.

  2. "Chinese brand Beijing was, until recently, producing the Sebring and 300 for Chrysler in Chine."

    Where is Chine?

  3. This looks pretty crude compared to the current Sebring– so it's probably only a "loose interpretave imitation" of the next gen sebring. Considering the ultra-high-quality of the latest Chryslers ( Grand Cherokee & Durango) I predict that the next Sebring will be pretty impressive as well. Probably looking more "Audi" and less "Kia" than this Chinese photo does.

  4. I think this is an optimistic take. It probably will be for just the Chinese market, and then when it shows success there, they'd think of doing it here (like the Buick Regal). But then, looking at the pics on detnews, the US "update" is probably not nearly as good.


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