2011 Dodge Durango

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Still a bit hard to tell how it looks.
The pictures have so much contrast.
There seems to be so much reflections on this black car, and so much chrome everywhere….

Basically a 7 seater version of the new Grand Cherokee underneath. So no longer a truck based SUV.

It will come with Chrysler’s new V6 and a good old 5.7 Liter V8 as an option.

More later…

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  1. I wasn't expecting to like this. But it's not bad at all. The Subaru Outback tail lamps look good, even though they're pretty familiar already.

  2. Journey???? More like a Long wheelbase version of the SAAB SUV (expecially from the back 3/4). Pretty slick, in any event!

  3. The real from a distance is gonna look like an older Honda Odyssey , which i find very ironic seeing the first Durango looked exactly like the dodge minivan from the rear and even shared the same tailamps units !

  4. I think it looks great. I think all they need now are good, modern powertrains. With multivalves AND direct injection.

  5. Great. Everything an American SUV should be. Aggressive without being silly, large (well why not? Its American culture and the design should reflect that), and fits with the theme of other Dodge models, while advancing the look a little further. Well done America.

  6. It does look a lot like the Saab 9-7X / Buick Rainier in the greenhouse and fender flares. I like it better than the Chevy Traverse, but not as much as a Ford Explorer.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, the new Saab Odyssey!

    Looks like some mid '90s hybrid, and I don't mean the engine. Like someone decided to fill a hole in their lineup with a bastardized version of another division's top seller. Oh, wait a minute…

  8. After seeing the new Explorer I was pretty much decided on buying a Flex. Now, after seeing this, I'm changing my mind. This is what the 2011 Explorer SHOULD have been!!!

  9. Good it looks great. I hope it kills 4 Runner Sales. This segment now is half BOF and have CUV. This will be interesting. I think the Explorer will outsell this.

  10. I hate Chrysler products (a K-Car and a Neon will do that to a person) but this really is attractive. I hope Fiat will rejuvenate the brand. It looks like they're starting to already. And yeah, I know it's not a GM or Hyundai product, but there is so much more to life and the automotive world than those
    (for the most part) boring and bland vehicles.

  11. Isn't the 2011 Explorer just a "Heightened" 2008 TarusX (tall wagon)??? At least that's what it looks like to me. The Durango, on the other hand, appears to be a more refined & efficent evolution of "THE REAL THING" (an SUV). And I…LIKE IT!!!

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