2011 Toyota Highlander

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Just a few changes, similar to what they were showing at the Moscow auto show a few weeks ago.
The Hybrid version (below) now has a different front end.

It now has 3 row seating standard, engines are the same.
Except for the V6 Hybrid which gets a bump from 3.3 Liter to the newer 3.5 Liter.

Otherwise, it still manages the amazing feast of being ugly and boring at the same time.
Seems that anything else for the price ($27 500 to $43 000) is better looking…

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  1. Slightly Better, but still easily the most nondescript, boring, lackluster vehicle on the road…

    Nothing more than a Transportation Appliance.

  2. I didn't realize the Highlander Hybrid came with the V6. I'm surprised they haven't done this with the ES. The Camry Hybrid should have the 4cyl while the ES Hybrid has the V6 (which would get better gas mileage than normal). Or perhaps a Camry SE Hybrid. Toyota isn't milking this for all it's worth.

  3. better, but still ugly….I just don't get what the designers at Toyota are thinking. They can clearly higher great talent but they produce such boring and often ugly designs. Like most of their models, this is a pity.

  4. Are you sure this isn't the 1967 Toyota Lowlifer??? I bet it's safety record will be more on a par with the competition's 1967 station wagon offerings.

  5. Why would anyone buy this over a:

    1. New Explorer
    2. Mazda CX-9
    3. Honda Pilot

    All of those vehicles are FAR better than this.

  6. Please stop calling these appliances. My Stove and Frige have more sex appeal than this.

    I just don't understand how a company like this can produce so many designs that so ugly.

  7. YOU SAID: "All of those vehicles are FAR better than this."
    I SAY: Call a spade a spade–ALL vehicles are far better than this goofy Toyota!

  8. Toyota, along with Honda, have embraced the ugly duckling, boring, design philosophy. Interpretations:

    "American round eyes will buy whatever we serve up. Look at them sheeple!"

    Meanwhile more and more people are starting to "wake-up" and realize they are being conned by these guys!

  9. I think the previous commenters are being a little harsh.

    It's no beauty, but I admire it for having a square rear end, like the Pilot and the Land Rover LR3 (LR4?).

    A blocky shape is much more practical for carrying both people and cargo.
    Nissan/Infiniti ruin the practicality of their CUV designs by being all swoopy and curvy.

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