2011 US version of the Fiat 500

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Here it is. The official version of the 500 we’ll be getting in the US.

So far, just small changes from the European version.

More later….

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  1. Vince any word on the Abarth 500 making it over? The Sport model appears to mimic the Abarth styling a bit but it seems doubtful that it'll have the same specs

  2. Nothing really new here…

    Hopefully it'll find a decent audience, though admittedly it'll probably be primarily women until a much more sporting/agressive version comes along.

  3. Will it be wearing a Fiat badge when it comes to the states? or are they pasting a chrysler badge on there?

  4. Am I the only person that thinks this thing is kind of ugly?

    It looks old, yes, but not exactly good. The rear treatment is not good, it looks DUMPY. The side of the car also looks DUMPY. It looks like you took a sack of garbage and all of the garbage inside the bag settled more toward the bottom after you picked it up. Talk about dumpy.

    The Ford Ka version is much better looking and probably cost close to half as much as this thing will go for when it arrives.

    The thing is that Chrysler/Fiat will charge probably $22-25,000 for an average transaction price.

    NOT WORTH IT. It doesn't have world-class looks or performance, why should it have the price? When the Hyundai Veloster arrives, it will be everything this car is supposed to be and a whole lot more.

  5. I saw the 500 in France last year. I really like the looks of the vehicle. It is small, but i think that it will do well here. Please send over the Abarth and i might think about trading for one.

  6. I was also in Europe last spring and saw tons of these.
    Always looking great!

    I think it will be a hit in the US, especially if it's quite a bit cheaper than the Mini, like it is over there.

  7. Cute, but the FIAT 500 from decades ago was such a piece of dreck that it's hard to image much snob appeal emanating from that thing.

  8. I think many will look at at it, but few will buy: doesn't look good, maybe ugly; too small; too expensive; F-I-A-T.

    For about the same money, I'll take a BMW Mini any day.

  9. Chrysler offered to reserve the first 500 Fiat 500's to those who put a deposit down right now. The offer was made at 8:52pm and all 500 were sold by 10:20 (1-1/2 hrs later). So if you wanted one of the first U.S. ones–you missed it!

    I'm thinking the new Chrysler-Fiat is something to take seriously!

  10. I look at sales of comparable cars – and see a bit of opportunity here…however not a lot.

    This will be a hit in Canada – we Cannucks like smaller cars due to our higher gas prices.

    IF priced competitively to a Fit – it'll do ok. If priced competitively to a Mini…it'll struggle.

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