2012 Chrysler 300

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Looks like it will be pretty much exactly like that illustration Chrysler was passing around last year (Bottom picture)

Seems like a very nice update on the same theme. Which could be smart. The current design was a hit.
But that’s also back when it came out, in 2005…

I am not sure if the big American sedan is as popular as it was just a few years ago.
At least it will have a modern engine. But nothing really that makes it a stand out.

It will have to compete with the Lacrosse and new Taurus. Both very good cars.

Good luck…

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  1. Both this mule, as well as its Charger platform-mate, have been everywhere here in Las Vegas.

    As far as I've seen, the 300's front-end treatment (especially the headlights) look very dramatic, and the Charger's 'shoulders' appear much broader/bolder.

    We'll See Soon Enough…

  2. You liked the Taurus. I still think the 300 is a worthy competitor as long as they get the details right. I don't see the LaCrosse as in the same lane as these two.

  3. I think there is opportunity for them here.

    Certainly the car is much more evolutionary then I would have liked – and I think (based upon the picture) that there is a fair amount of watering down of what made the first so successful – that bold in your face Americana design.

    This said – the car is still a good looking rig. With an upated engine, 6 speed tranny, improved interior and upgraded handling – it can survive another 3 years easily; which is all that should be expected from a 'signficant refresh'….anyone who thinks differently isn't paying attention.

  4. this looks a lot more elongated, cab-rearward, then the last 300.. if they can price it right and offer excellent quality, they might just have a winner, again

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