2012 Toyota Prius Alpha?

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That’s what some people seem to call the larger version of the Prius coming out next door.
Even with all the camouflage, you can see the resemblance with the current “regular” Prius.

It has a more wagon like shape and will be able to seat 7.

I’ll have more on this soon…

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  1. this looks very interesting, it might come with plug-in option like upcoming prius.
    i think toyota should offer AWD option…
    can't wait to see more on this
    thans Vince

  2. Next Door Vince? Has Toyota cost cutting gotten to the point that they're pounding these suckers out in your next door neighbors garage? He's not an illegal alien is he?

  3. I think a hybrid wagon would be great. The Prius is great, but the swoopy shape compromises cargo room. A little boxiness in the rear makes it much more practical.
    Front wheel drive is fine; people can go for the Highlander if they want an AWD hybrid.

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