All new Hyundai Azera

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With less and less camouflage, and looking so much better than the current car.

I guess this will compete mainly with the Avalon, Taurus and the next Chevrolet Impala.
None of which are very popular anymore….

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  1. Sorry Vince – however the Taurus seems pretty popular to me…I see a PILE Of the new ones on the road – and just came back from Arizona where I saw a bunch there as well….

  2. I saw a few Taurus' when I was in NY but I can't remember the last time I saw one in North VA. Just saying…. commenter 2 got me thinking about the last time I saw one.

  3. I like the new Avalon.
    I just drove the Chevy Impala as a rental and was not impressed. Huge trunk, but very cramped passenger compartment, confusing controls, and bad outward visibility.

  4. this is one good looking macho machine. looks like a guys car where the Sonata looks more like a chicks car.

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