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The one we won’t be getting over here after all.
I think it does look ok.

If they don’t offer this in the US, they’d better put a new interior in the HHR, pronto…

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  1. You know something I just realized? The side profile, more notably the wheel well arches, remind me of the HHR. It would be too easy for them to tweak the front and rear of this and just sell it as a Gen 2 HHR. It looks as though only Mustang and Camaro will be the only ones left in the Retro Wars when the HHR is discontinued.

  2. I like the clever radio set up where it opens to reveal a storage bin! But the rest of the vehicle is a little bland in comparison to the concept

  3. I'm not excited about many of the products that Chevrolet has, including the Camaro. But the new Cruze (and potentially new Cruze Hatchback) and now this have me very excited. I think it could have better… but I'm happy enough that this even made it to market.And I really wish that the new Cruze would have had tail-lamps similar to the ones on the Orlando instead of the bulgy ones they currently have.

  4. I'm thinking they will probably bring Orlando to the US once they get tired of trying to peddle windowless HHRs as an alternative to the Transit Connect, and once the Volt MPV concept fails to make it to production.

  5. this one is coming to Canada… not to USA… i wonder why is that so? probably Orlando made in Canada.

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