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Hyundai will be adding a new crossover/compact wagon to its lineup.
At least in Europe.
The all new iX20 will be shown at the Paris Auto Show in a few weeks.
Where it will be priced under the iX35, known in the US as the Tucson.

So we might end up seeing a smaller than Tucson crossover in the US as well. Maybe…

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  1. hyundais may look good on the outside, but trust me on this… the new-car 'bling' gets old far too fast. They're very dificult to live with

  2. I still have jellybeans left from last Easter, Thank-you! (And I really don't like having to scrape them off the pavement every time a truck driver can't see one and squashes it flat.)

  3. Ok i been driving semi trucks for 33 years, i have never squashed any cars ! got so sick pf people complaining about the SMART car and how semi trucks are just gonna run into them all day long, for some odd reason ive never killed a motorcyclist either, and hey i have no back window ! when we look out our mirrors we only see about 7 inches of lane width behind us on each side , and the crazy lane splitting cyclist here in cali all need lots of life insurance ! but hey havent killed one yet or run over small cars ….. I also think every single driver should be forced to go to semi truck drving school for 5 days so they will start respecting us truck drivers and quit cutting us off and slamming there brakes on in front of us fully loaded trucks, yoo hooo we cant stop dumbass !!!!

  4. Vince are you sure it will be a crossover wagon? It seems awfully close to Kia Venga (supermini/jazz competitor) even from that illustration.

  5. This illustration is a worse-looking Ford Focus with a Hyundai badge. And it appears to be caught in some sort of psychedelic fog!

  6. hyundais may look good on the outside, but trust me on this… the new-car 'bling' gets old far too fast. They're very dificult to live with
    September 2, 2010 2:43 PM

    Not as fast as the Cruze. The Cruze is 2 or three years old like the Volt. The Cruze is so old, the hatch looks so futuristic.

  7. When we first saw the Cruze we did't know what the 11' Sonata, Sorento, Tucson, Optima or Sportage were going to look like and I still don't think that car is on sale.

  8. Horrible car from a horrible company. Why do all of you want these horrible melted looking, mess of a design cars? And have any of you actually driven one? Sloppy handling and an unforgiving ride. This looks like a Yaris, Fit, Fiesta, Mazda2, Aveo competitor. If so, I guarantee you, the only one it will actually be better than is the Chevy (Which is really just a Daewoo).

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