Land Rover Evoque 4 door

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Here it is, from the Paris auto show. Before the opening…

Adding 2 doors doesn’t seem to ruin the design. At all.

And the cream/black interior pictures here looks much better to me than the 70’s style orange combo we saw a few days ago.

A really nice looking car…

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  1. A fair evolution of the typical RR/LR Box-It-Came-In design philosophy, but as a recent RR owner, all I can says is – Never Again!

  2. I like the looks of this Land Rover. It makes me think of the Mini Cooper, except in a larger, CUV, non-retro, totally chic kind of way.

  3. the next pathfinder due next year is a car based unit (aka Murano), one of the best chassis' around. It will look alot like this only more muscular….drove it, it's a gem!

  4. I doubt many got that the show car with it's 70's colour scheme was a reference to the Rover SD1 press car from 1976 which had a black and orange interior. The dashboard seems a David Bache inspired design that resembles the P6 and SD1.

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