More details on the new Lexus CT 200h

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-42 MPG combined
-0 to 60 in 9.8 seconds

42mpg combined does sound pretty good for a luxury compact.
The main competition in the US will be the Audi A3 TDI.
Which is officially rated at 34MPG combined.
But my experience with the Golf TDI resulted in a much higher gas mileage.
So real life number could be pretty close.

The A3 is more powerful and available with a manual. And it starts at $30 250.
Life might be tough for the new Lexus.

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  1. This new Lexus looks more like cometiton for a Mazda3 than an Audi A3. The design of the rear window (like the Scion iQ) is really unfortunate. To me, nothing about this car makes it any better than just buying a Prius.

  2. I wanted to like this car when I first heard about it coming out. As a Prius owner, fuel economy is a priority. The problem with this car is its styling just (like the sedan version). The back end is especially awkward and almost cartoon-ish. Not a good look for Lexus.

  3. It looks like they might reschedule the launching date from next year to this year to keep the best selling brand title.

  4. Diesel is still more expensive than premium in most places and city mileage with diesel isn't that great. Note that A3 diesel starts at $30K and that won't even get you bluetooth or xenon headlights.

    Regardless diesels are not popular in US so I don't think it will be tough for Lexus. Just look at HS Hybrid which doesn't even get great mileage but they sell lot more than A3 diesels.

  5. Honestly… I find it inexcusable that this was made to look this unattractive.

    With the notable exception of the 'signature' Lexus front end, the entire vehicle looks like a badly mutated/bloated/hideous version of the (very handsome) Mazda 3.

  6. I've owned two Lexus' but I would NEVER buy this abomination!
    The exterior is unfortunate, like the last Hybrid. They will have to do much better in the future or I will never own one again. Cadillac is looking better and better to me!

  7. I have just seen one of these in white on a transporter.
    It looks way better than these pictures show. The one i saw also had factory tinted windows.

  8. I'd much rather get a Mazda 3, an upcoming Focus, an A3, or a John Deer lawnmower. Lexus is embarrassing themselves. What is the logic behind this?

  9. I have to correct what I said.
    From the US Audi website, it seems that the A3 TDI is NOT available with a manual…

  10. The interior is tasteful and elegant. Everything the weird and overly busy exterior is not. The nose is too long and the rear is too small. This is a wagon, and they should have squared out the rear end and made the car 2 feet longer so it could have real cargo room.

  11. I personally really like this car, especially the interior where I'll be spending most of my time. It's contemporary, minimal, reserved, and everything I love about BMW/Lexus interiors 🙂

    The exterior looks "import" enough for most of my neighbors to give this cars' styling a pass.

  12. The interior is tasteful and elegant. Everything the weird and overly busy exterior is not.

    Well, you're only half right. The interior is a cheap chinese-like knockoff of a 3-series dash. The sliver of fake wood on the bottom edge is just tacky on top of cheap plastic. How come GM can put a better dash in a $14k Aveo than Toyota can in a $20+k Lexus Hunchback?

  13. The exterior looks "import" enough for most of my neighbors to give this cars' styling a pass

    -If that's the case, they'd probably be equally impressed with a '89 LADA in your driveway. And would probably put up there noses at an '11 CTS-V!

    Where do you live–in a nursing home????

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