More pictures of the new 2011 Mercedes CLS

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In red…

It does look very nice.
But I am still not sure it looks better than the original, which I always liked a lot.

And where is the panoramic sunroof?
It would be the perfect car for it…

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  1. Door panels don't quite line-up with the dash. Kind-of an abrupt oversight in any price range–especially this one! (note to Mercedes– look at the upcoming Chevy Aveo dash/door interface for a lesson on how to aesthetically integrate your interior design where the door meets the dash) Aside from that, the wood on the dash is very nice. Exterior is as exciting & uninspired as the 2nd generation Tarus was (trying to follow the 1st gen's break-through styling without upsetting the apple cart). Get some balls Mercedes: Once is a charm for an innovative body style; the second warmed-over time is just REDUNDANT & STALE!!!

  2. The acres of flat dash look straight out of the 1970s. And they stole the front fenders from a Volvo. Not sure that's the best place to go for design inspiration.

  3. That interior is awful. What is with the late 90s motorcycle style gauges? So dated and cheap looking!

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