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And of course, it will be square.
Like everything Mercedes designs these days.

Although it doesn’t seem as bad as the nightmarish and cheap looking GLK. So they might actually be moving toward more flowing lines. Especially inside.

We’ll see…

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  1. Someone's destroying our benz's. I dont know who exactly, but someone's gotta stom 'em b4 its too late!!!

  2. The interior certainly looks worlds better than the aesthetic atrocities that are the E-Class and GLK, but that exterior looks as dull as dirt, coming across as some weird rounded version of the already dated Range Rover Sport.

    Oh Well… Mercedes hasn't really done anything interesting for years now, so why change now…

  3. Oh Vince …

    Please remove these (our) photos!
    That is – unless you'd like to purchase them (what a novel idea!!)

    Thank you!
    Brenda Priddy

  4. Why are you always hating on the GLK? Get with the times. It's stylish and distinctive and comes in at about the price of a loaded CR-V. Oh wait, I forgot. It's a Benz, so you hate it because it's not Korean.

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