Opel Astra Coupe?

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It does look like the real thing.
Matching all the spy pics I’ve seen of the car.

We are getting the sedan version as a small Buick. GM should bring the whole line up over.
The hatch, the wagon and this coupe.

What better way to put the Buick brand on the map of younger buyers.

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  1. "What better way to put the Buick brand on the map of younger buyers." – Just how that plan worked for Saturn?

  2. Okay I hate the earlier pic of the Cruze hatchback, but I really like this a lot. It looks sporty and expensive. Not sure if bringing it over as a Buick is a good idea, because Buick is not yet an aspirational brand for 20-somethings. But GM needs this to replace the stillborn Cruze STAT! .

  3. I say call it the "Bengal" and bring it over as a baby brother to the Regal. I think Buick is taking on a split personality to make up for the loss of Pontiac. The new Excelle GT sedan should come here as the "Velite" and serve as a baby brother to the LaCrosse; this product would emphasize the understated elegance and comfort of the Buick brand. The Bengal and Regal would reinforce the new sportier side of the brand.

  4. I think the entire Astra line puts both Cruze variants to shame. I would definitely like to see the sedan, 5-door, and this 3-door "coupe" emerge in Buick's lineup in the U.S.

  5. Just create a sub brand like Lexus has – mushy cars like the LS and ES, and sporty cars like the IS and GS. Call it Buick Sport brand?

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