Own your own “officially licensed” Batmobile!

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For “just” $150 000.
This is the price you have to pay to live your childhood’s dream of driving one.
Sure, it is based on what they call a “70’s Lincoln”. So it won’t drive like an Aston Martin.
But I bet you will make more friend anywhere you go.

There is just nothing like driving a Batmobile…

Here are some of the specs. And click on the title for more info.

* Opening aluminum five door roll-top dashboard that includes fuel, water, and oil gauges, headlight and bright switches, key and push button ignition, warning light switch, a high end DVD/CD Player/Radio with a 7″ LCD screen, and the Remote Computer Switch

* Deluxe six speaker sound system with two amps and a sub-woofer

* Finished dashboard ends and windshield post extensions, just like the original

* Chrome painted sweeps on the door panels

* Chrome painted strip across the dashtop that matches the door sweeps

* Terrific dashboard label placards

* Working gear shift indicator lights with a neutral safety switch

* Working green triangle turn signal indicator lights

* Five light sequence flasher under the arch

* Working “rocket exhaust” flame thrower, custom-made from heavy gauge steel, with a hidden ignition device

* Chromed “triple rocket tubes” behind the rear windshields

* Accurate stainless door sill chevron plates

* Accurate faux air conditioning vents on the rear package tray

* Radir rims with accurate spinners

* Phone pedestal and Batphone

* Detect-a-scope with green Lumadisk and working lights, with accurate custom-built knobs

* Accurate roll-bar arch, that narrows at the front, and widens at the back, covered in leather

* Accurate chromed beacon cage and red beacon light

* Accurate right and left aerial antennae “antlers”

* Automatic gold antenna grid, operated from a knob on the dash top

* Increase Output knob molded from an original vintage knob

* Custom-built, accurate Futura steering wheel, with working turn signal switches in the pods, and a polished aluminum bezel, and working lights

* Working headlights, front and rear turn signals, and brake lights

* Custom-built, accurate Futura leather seats, with chrome painted seat surrounds

* Electric actuators that open the hood or trunk with the flip of a switch

* Accurate reproduction of the “batcave radio link” rear antenna

* Accurate grilles for the headlights and the front and rear openings, bolted to the car

* Durable 1/4 inch thick windshields, mounted on the top of the windshield lip, just like the original

* The most accurate one piece center console, complete with light, fire extinguisher, custom-milled aluminum grille, and blue triangle knobs, with milled and polished aluminum insets around the light, the blue triangle knob, and behind the fire extinguisher

* A “real” show car quality $20,000 paint job is included, with six passes of clear coat that are sanded and buffed to an extraordinary shine

* The underside of the car body is painted black

* Brand new 350 GM crate motor with warranty

* Brand new TH350 GM transmission with warranty

* Brand new alternator, distributor, oil pump, fuel pump, water pump, ignition coil, and an Edelbrock carburetor and intake Manifold

* Brand new fuel cell and new fuel line

* Brand new dual exhaust

* Brand new racing performance radiator

* The frames are powerwashed, sandblasted, and painted with POR 15

* The underside of the floor pan is powerwashed, sandblasted, and painted with POR 15

* 1/4″ thick fiberglass body, with non-binding doors, hood and trunk

* Steel plates are fiberglassed to the body during construction for added strength when mounting the chassis

* Reinforced with LOTS of THICK-walled steel square tubing

* Fin bodylines that come to a knife point, just like the original

* Built-in solid fiberglass rockers that connect the body to the floor pan

* Built-in fiberglass dash top and rear package tray

* Heavy gauge steel firewall and engine apron walls

* Heavy gauge steel wheel well tubs to protect the car from rocks

* Deep set headlights, just like the original

* Deep set tail lights, just like the original

* Built from a 1970’s Lincoln Town Car that we provide (Title and VIN tag are included)

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  1. That's AWESOME!!! I wonder, if you're willing to pay for it, if you can get a real turbine engine installed?

  2. Hey, at least I did'nt ask about atomic batteries.

    I'd love to see one of these in person. I'll bet the attention to detail is fantastic.

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