VW Golf TDI test drive coming up

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Go ahead if you have any questions.

So far? A great car…

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  1. What do you think of the seats? I also have a 2010 Golf TDI and the only thing I don't like about the car is the seat. I'm getting used to it, but it's nowhere near as comfy as my last GTI.

  2. I actually love the seats.
    But they are on the firm/sporty side, which isn't for everyone.
    The standard Golf has softer seats.
    They put sport seats in the TDI for the US.

  3. Xenon is an option, my test car has them.
    Have not seen the Jetta VI in person yet, so I cannot comment …

  4. C&D wrote:

    "While the reviews on the open road were good, around town the Jetta’s transmission and the car’s turbo lag drew complaint after complaint. From a stop, the DSG automatically engages a clutch when the driver toes the throttle. But the engagement is slow enough to allow the engine to rev up, and once the clutch does engage, the car lurches forward. Often the lurches were severe enough to break the traction of the front tires, which then summons the traction control into action, which, in turn, shuts down the power."

    What's your experience of this?

  5. Back to the seats… could you possibly try and do a comparison between the sport seats in the TDI and those in the GTI? I have looked through the window on numerous occasions, but haven't bothered the salesperson. Initial reports claimed they were the same without the plaid material. Many thanks and have fun!

  6. -Don't have a GTI with me, but I hear they are the same seats.
    -Have not tried the Auto. The manual is great and I haven't experienced any turbo lag with it.
    -About the fuel pump. I can obviously not comment on that one. But I can also find forums with angry owners for every car sold in the US.
    -No LED tail lights (although they are an option in Europe)

  7. The fuel pump.

    The story is not so much that cars have issues. But having one go costs 30-40% of the value of the car and you have to go to the mat in some cases to get VW to cover it.

    They've been blaming the owner over the kind of fuel being used.

    As if you the owner have that much control over that.

  8. The problem is with the new ULSD mandated by EPA for Jan 2010. It deteriorates to ISO minimum standards almost as fast it leaves the refineries. While it sits in the service stations, it has absorbed water leading to decay which means there is microbial growth in the fuel that damages the injectors. Traditional water separator filters don't work with this new diesel. VW, BMW et al will fix it once, but they are pissed at EPA for enforcing a new fuel that can't be stabilized. Best bet… change fuel filters religiously. Thanks for confirming seats to GTI seats! Much appreciated!

  9. Well, the fuel pump and dsg causing the car to lurch in traffic, i'm sure that's fun in wet/snowy pavement, good job VW!

  10. I recently drove a Golf TDI and a GTI back to back on a parking lot road course. From my observations, the seats are the same in both cars, and there is virtually 0 turbo lag in the TDI vs the 2.0L Turbo in the GTI. Both had the dsg transmission, but when flooring it from low speed on a wide sweeper turn into a straight, the TDI surged forward while the GTI hesitated for a moment before the turbo caught up to what my right foot was telling it to do. It was enough to be somewhat off-putting vs the TDI. Coupled with the fact the TDI is as quiet as any other 4cyl, has gobs of torque and can get over 1100kms/tank of diesel, it makes me wish that VW offered the GTD here in Canada. I'd still want it with the manual though.

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