VW new mid sized sedan

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It still has no official name.
It will be built in the US, for the US.

It will be roomier and cheaper than the Passat it replaces. And so far, it does look much better than the revised 2011 Passat Europeans are getting.

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  1. It does look very similar to the 2011 Passat though. These drawings when translated to real products get lot more plain normally…

  2. This does look better than the Euro version but it could be that the artist made it look a little better than it will be but we'll see. The front does have a bit of that boring look of the euro version but I'll wait to see the actual production version.

    Did anyone else hear the rumor that VW is seriously thinking about racing in nascar?

  3. The sad fact is that the reality never looks as good as the renderings, and these renderings aren't that exciting. I am predicting that the US Passat replacement is going to be as boring as the Jetta, but not quite as bad as the next generation Passat. Kia, Hyundai, and Ford just keep looking better and better.

  4. How they put a vr6 in that, not that i hate 2.0T but cmon…. they need a different engine and the 2.0T just sound like every other 4 cylinder…

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