What could have been: 1982 Buick Skyhawk coupe

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The top picture is a clay model from the late 70’s.
The actual car, the J-Body Skyhawk, came out in late 1981 for the 1982 model year.

For once, it looks like they didn’t water it down too much from their early designs.
I think the production model still looks pretty decent to this day.

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  1. This was always my fav of the J-bodies, and that rear side window was wagon sized huge ! lots of room in this hatchback ! a couple versions of the firenza were pretty hot also.

  2. I had a 76 Skyhawk hatchback V6 – a design that was shocking at the time (and wonderful). This update was a disappointment to me, and represented the complete shift point of GM toward being a supplier to rental car companies. I loved that old Skyhawk and wished there were more cars built on its formula today.

  3. The hatch was a great looking car. I was fonder of Pontiac's J2000 version and Chevy's Cavalier Hatch. With the Cav, you got a uniqie to the Hatch front nose from the other Cavalier line.

    Although I was very fond of their look, they were very crappy in the details and workmanship. But very good looking.

  4. An interesting profile. Vince, are you certain this isn't a What Could Have Been for the FWD Camaro/Firebird? At one particular sorry point in GM's planning, I distinctly recall there being a plan to move the duo to the J-body – and this car's lines look a lot like a Camaro/Firebird.

  5. No time like the present to bring over the Astra Hatch and revive the Skyhawk name (although it wouldn't fit their new elegant naming scheme attempt), but it's time for Buick to have a hatch again.

  6. douchebag jones said…
    "these liitle cars would last for ever too no toyota ao or other ja crap could touch them"

    September 12, 2010 11:01 AM

    Maybe you should give school another go douchebag.

  7. THis car was a garbage. I had an 84. Everytime you had to make an emergency stop the timing belt would break. Exhaust rusted through after 3 years, door and window mechanisms broke. Idled so hard you had to push the brake hard when stopped to keep from moving forward.

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