2011 Buick GL8

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So far, the all new Buick Minivan is for China only.

It looks like GM is just waiting to see what happens to the new Odyssey and Sienna to maybe make a move in the US.
I just was a couple of new Odysseys on the road, and this Buick already seems to look much better and more upscale.

I bet it’s just a matter of time until we see this one in the US….

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  1. that is one good looking minivan!!! The rear end could use some work but looks very good from the side and the front, and definitely looks better then Honda's new oddessey. I actually like the new Sienna, and have yet to see Nissan's new van, but this is definitely a looker.

  2. OK, who copied the window lightning bolt designed first, was it Honda or Buick, and why can't Honda hide the door tracks like Buick did.

  3. This is sharp but I wonder if it's really viable unless it has been reworked thoroughly from an engineering standpoint–underneath that pretty sheetmetal is a Chevy Venture.

  4. Um, is Chinese Buick copying Honda? Methinks that kink along the side is very Odyssey. The feathery looking taillamps are horrendous, but it looks okay otherwise. Nothing to write home about. What the hell is a Glate (GL8) anyway?

  5. This upscale van is likely quite sharp, but it probably won't fit U.S. Buick's market position as an aspiring Lexus fighter. Best to rebadge GL8 as a Chevy. Just swap grille and steering wheel, then give it a upscale legacy name like the old Chevrolet Kingswood badge.
    This way Buick's U.S. lineup stays more focused(except Verano – ugh! what a name!) And Chevrolet gets a quality "better than Honda and Toyota" minivan.

  6. They should call it the GR8 and have Tony the Tiger do the commercials….. Is that crickets I hear in the background? hello… anybody….

    Anyway, I think it looks pretty good. The interior is a bit on the bland side but when you have a bus load of 5 year olds throwing slurpies and cherrios at each other, I guess you want something a little easy to clean and maintain. Still, with crossovers doing well here in the USA and people still kinda wanting suv's, I'm not sure how this would do here against siennas and odysseys.

  7. Too bad Honda couldn't do a better job of trying to copy this.

    As far as being better than the Venture; I think the venture's only problems were styling concerns. Too much cheap plastic (acceptable in an Odessy or Sienna — but NOT in an "Ameican" minivan.) And the fact that seats couldn't fold into floor (rear seat sat on top of floor when folded) Power doors slower than Chrysler/Honda/Toyota. No power or shade in side sliders (which EVERYBODY else has) And a general lack of inovations (stow-N-go, Swivel-N-Go, floor storage, 30-gig hard drive, all the electronics that the last gen Chryslers had and now the latest Toys & Odditys have added.

    I don't really think performance or quality — or even styling were ever really the issue. They just never invested the $$$ to keep up with the Jone's (Honda/Dodge/Toyota/Chrysler).

    Features are a BIG deal in a minivan!

  8. Miss Demeanor said…

    look slightly better than that all new disjointed looking honda oddity that is coming out ewww!

    Really?, check your eyes!

  9. miss demeanor is dead on and has great vision, I second and third the motion. The Oddity is disgusting. It looks as if 5 different honda designers worked on it independently and then came together and the ugly oddity was born. ….and my vision is 20-20

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