2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

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Just a few more pictures of the all new convertible version.

I will be getting plenty more from the L.A Auto show next month.

The Camaro is one of my favorite cars, especially after driving the RS and SS versions a few months ago.
I cannot wait to drive one with the top down….

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  1. all the camaros and challengers I see, and I know they can get expensive, are parked by low income housing projects. Successful people by good japanese cars!not low end 1970's reproductions.

  2. Okay.

    Vince: totally random and unrelated question. My friend and I were trying to remember the name of your website before it became BurlappCars. Would you please refresh our memories? Thanks!

  3. My old blog was called thehollywoodextra.blogspot.com

    My original site at thehollywoodextra.com is still up

  4. "Successful people by good japanese cars!not low end 1970's reproductions."

    Really successful people buy German cars, not Japanese knockoffs of German cars. And they have cars like this in the third garage bay for sunny weekends.

    Frankly, I don't know what people in low income areas drive. But I do know that low income looking people mostly drive beater Altimas, Camrys and Maximas.

  5. Needless Markup is selling a special edition in their holiday catalog for $75K. Looks pretty much like this one, but has chrome windshield surround and some red accents. Oh, and you also get it a few months before the general public.

  6. slab99

    They generally sell out of everything in their Christmas catalog in about two hours. They are doing something right! This car is hot. I love how it has a proper hard tonneau cover. Although I do wonder about the conspicuous lack of a real nav system.

  7. Nice…But the interior looks like it was designed by an 12 year old brat. they should have put the Solstice or Malibu interior in it…It would have been better.

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