2011 Dodge Charger

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Looking a lot like the current model.

Looks a bit better, but in my opinion, the current one is one of the ugliest cars around, so almost anything will look better.

The big, loud and vulgar looking sedan with huge engines seems like such an old idea. I don’t see much future in it.
Even if they try to call it a “4 door muscle car”.
It still ends up looking pretty boring to me.
And huge wheels, wings and scoops don’t really help.

This will look new for 5 minutes….

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  1. A definite improvement! I'm liking the rear of the car. I don't think they went far enough on changing the front though.

  2. Well at least there getting away from those ugly 1993 intrepid tail lamps they put on every single dodge car …. and the front, everytime i see one reminds me of frankensteins forehead, canted forward and just odd ..

  3. Nice follow-up to the new Durango, I'd like to see what the interior looks like, and look forward to the Chrysler 300.

    And for the record, there's nothing "big, loud or vulgar" about a full-sized car, except maybe to all the tree-hugging hippies tooling around in their Mother Earth-friendly wind-up ecotoys. Some people like or need larger vehicles, and not everyone wants an over-priced battery-hybrid-electro-vehicle

  4. i disagree vince – I think the design in general is somewhat timeless – so they don't really have to look like the slickest/newest thing.

    I will say that the rear on this car – may be one of my favorites of all time. Such an exponentially vast improvement over the anonymous previous rear – it is visually stunning with the lights off. Imagine when those 140 led's are lit up.

    the front end looks like a tighter/sharper/more refined evolution of the current model – it does its job.

    Getting rid of that rear fender shoulder was a good move too – makes it less of a novelty and strengthens the argument that this car is ready to take care of "bidness".

    overall – its not a car that I have a need for, but for that market, i think it is exactly what it should be, without anything to improve upon in the exterior.

    The interior shots I saw months ago are ok – light years ahead of current model – but that model was light years behind where it should have been.

    All in all – based on the Grand
    Cherokee, new 300, new Town and Country, and this car, I am enthusiastic about Chrysler's reentry into the marketplace.

    They will not lead, but I look forward to them being competitive – giving their fans something to buy and cheer about.

  5. I have not seen successful people driving North American retro boogie dance party cars. Red Necks, living in the past have (a) lost their hair, (b) lost their wife and (c) lost their mojo and therefore they buy these

  6. Looks muscular, agressive, (and most importantly to its demographic) Distinctly American!

    There's Absolutely Nothing Wussy About This Bad Boy!

  7. LOVE IT!
    LOVE IT!
    LOVE IT!

    From the full-width LED tailight to the projector-beam headlights to the "QUIET" 290HP/26MPG PentastarV6 I absolutely love it. (Much quieter than Toyota's V6–and about like a Buick) But they say the 480HP HEMI + ZF8speed is 1-1/2 years away yet (runs on 4 cylindars with front axle disconnect on AWD for fuel savings with the distronic cruise control) It may share a lot of underpinnings with the next-gen 300c/MB E-class/MB R-class/Alfa 164 but to me this is the star in the lineup. And it'l get the 8" nav screen of the '12 300c as an option. From it's coke-bottle sculpturing to its 19" (R/T) wheels to laminated side glass & "soft-touch (think JGC Overland)interior" I LOVE IT! …and soon I'm gonna LIVE IT!!! WOW!

  8. Not bad. The rear 3/4 view (covering the lamps with your hand) looks a lot like the G8. Is there an AWD?

  9. I have no love for Chrysler but I gotta say this looks pretty good. I'm looking forward to seeing the interior. And I'm curious how the fuel economy will be. This thing is going to have an 8 (Eight) speed transmission by ZF!!!

  10. I'm going to be politically correct and just say that this car will continue to be attractive to the same people that bought it before this re-skin. That's about it.

  11. "I have not seen successful people driving North American retro boogie dance party cars. Red Necks, living in the past have (a) lost their hair, (b) lost their wife and (c) lost their mojo and therefore they buy these"

    Just, wow. That's some very in-depth psycho demographic insight that you are dishing out. Maybe you should post some research on this knowledge that you have. Anyhooo, as for the car, I think it looks good except for the useless wing.

  12. I guess I'm the only one not digging the back end. It looks like every car built around 1993 with wall-to-wall taillights.

  13. Demographics 101. No study need be conducted in regards to this type of car built for ignoramouses. Every dealer you talk to that sells these tractors, will tell you that the buyers are; (1) uneducated, (2) Dress poorly and (3) not very good looking. There's tour demographic. As for psyco, yes, I agree, most of these fools are that too.

  14. Love the comment by Duds, he is spot on. I hate all these weak , feeble attempts. It is so obvious that the North american companies are clawing at straws to survive……sad really in a way, anyhoo, junk is junk, long live toyota!

  15. Somebody asked if it'll have AWD. Yes it will. Actually, the type of AWD it will have, during cruise, it disconnects the front drive and just uses the rear to save some gas. You're still lugging around the extra 200-300 pounds obviously but you're not wasting power to the front wheels which is good. I read that on a carsite, I can't remember which one.

  16. TO: Duds & Toy Fan. I got my PHD at Harvard. I'm Damn good-looking, (according to the models that work with our ad agency). I'm in the top 1% of I.Q. on the SAT, LSAT, and the Air Forces test for geometric relations (forget the anacronym). Been married for 21 years– and she's STILL drop-dead gorgeous. When you two marbleheads stop by to wax my next Plum Crazy Charger, It'l be parked by the Vipers,Vettes & Ferrari's in my Hawaii Estate (the small building right on the ocean). In Seattle, the Matte Black one will be behind the main garage by the 2007 Phantom & 2009 Ghost (building behind the hanger) At the Ranch in Anchorage you'll soon find a traffic-yellow one back by the Ram PowerWagan, Hummer H1, and (soon) the 2011 JGC Overland. (I'm having the JGC modified a bit).

    You guys wouldn't know a CHARGER owner if you'ed spent the last several years working for him!!!

  17. You're far too harsh Vince, this looks really cool to me and my European eyes, unaccustomed to this unmistakeably American flambuoyance. It may not be for everyone, but I find it very attractive

  18. I don't know about some of you guys (duds, moore & Toy fan). I've founded 3 Companies, have a degree from a big 10 University (Business & also Biochemistry) and have had some of my art work win prizes in art shows. I play piano, Sail, Camp, Ski (snow & water) and have done a lot of writing (some creative; mostly for business analysis). As I teenager I used to do body work on cars & trucks for fun (and I also made a little cash for my efforts). I may be financially conservative, but am far to liberal socially to ever be called a redneck. And to my eye, this is as aesthetically ideal as an automobile can get! Sorry to burst your ignorant, narrow-minded bubble! In MY opinion, it's one incredibly striking machine. BMW & Lexus should be so lucky as to hire a stylist that can create forms so adept at setting themselves (and their owners) apart from the masses! I think you guys need to ween yourselves off the generic Camry/Alero/Accord/Passat/Corolla mush!

  19. This is pure redneck shit.

    Honest to god, I know two people who own a Charger and they both are WT receptionists and their husbands LOVE NASCAR. One has a 24 emblazoned on her arm, Jeff Gordons number.

    Serious people do not buy a Charger.

  20. It is one of the only proper handling mass produced cars left that is affordable to massman! Vulgar? What is exactly what massman IS!

  21. The people who don't like this kind of car are just weak little punks who actually "think" public school was worthwhile.

  22. Honest to god, I know two people who own a Charger and they both are WT receptionists and their husbands LOVE NASCAR

    AND I know THREE people who are amputees and own Toyotas. THEREFORE ALL Toyota owners MUST be AMPUTEES!

    Now THAT'S "REDNECK" logic for you!

  23. Most who post here seem more into small econo cars: Versa, Yaris, Fit, CRV, Camry, Accord, corolla, etc. And some of them seem violently anti-"American Muscle". So you wouldn't expect much interest in a $30k – $40(SRT HEMI). And yet I find it cuious that this "vulgar" "outdated" CHARGER with it's "silly scoops & vents & spoilers" has attracted more comments — dare I say, a LOT more comments– that ANY other car on this blog right know. SALES 101: FIRST you strike an EMOTIONAL chord. CHARGER created all this discussion without so much as an interior shot or even naming a feature or two. Just 2 exterior photos.

    Still think the design isn't working???

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