2011 Dodge Journey

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I must say, Chrysler wasn’t lying when they promised us better interiors.
The revised Journey only seems to be getting a new grille outside.
But the interior seems to be a giant improvement on what they have now.
And of course, the new 3.6 V6 is offered.

Here is the current model.
You can see how bad the interior looks compared to the new one.
Great job.

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  1. What part of the Universe does Dodge sell Journeys with a STICK? Because I haven't ever heard of anything like that on Earth.

  2. whats truly incredible is that just a mid cycle REFRESH!

    way to go Chrysler.

    I am actually starting to BELIEVE!!

  3. The Journey has always been under appreciated. Exterior has always been nice – a good mix of Caravan and Grand Cherokee. This interior kind of reminds me of a Gen 1 TSX with the swooping band of aluminum trim.

  4. Wow…just simply, wow!

    THIS is a great interior. I'm absolutely shocked at how it looks.

    *golf clap*

  5. It's about time! Inside looks downright classy. But I wonder how well it's put together. Chryslers have felt flimsy before. And I still think they need a Dodge badge on the grill. The crosshair grill is still not recognizable as a Dodge.

  6. I'm speechless. It's phenominal. And every new Chrysler I've been in lately, from Ram 1500 Longhorn to Grand Cherokee Overland has had a quality level that genuinely rivals Mercedes & Lexus. This looks like just one more example of Chrysler's ability to set new standards for the industry.

  7. New tailights are a circle of LEDs inside the previous rectangular shape with clear red lens — a lot like the upper-end Infinities.

  8. "Finally Mercedes is finding it's way into Chrysler…Only about 10 years late."

    Now only if Mercedes improved their interior designs also. It appears that the MB divorce was a good one for Dodge. I actually have always liked the exterior design of the Journey. It's less dorky than a full sized minivan. The interior probably made this a non-starter for most people. The new interior looks like a huge step up. A giant leap, that's for sure.

  9. I had almost counted out Chrysler products altogether, but this new Journey is affirmation that they really are trying to get themselves back in the race. The new Grand Cherokee, Journey, Challenger V6, Chrysler 200, Charger, Durango, and its other modestly updated vehicles should largely turn sales in the right direction for the Chrysler Group next year.

  10. These are really nice looking cars but too bad chrysler still has Fred Flinstone as head of their powertrain division.

  11. These are really nice looking cars but too bad chrysler still has Fred Flinstone as head of their powertrain division.

    Be fair. And accurate. Jeeps and Dodges have had CVT's for 3 years now. And the ONLY minivan with a 6-speed is Chrysler & Dodge (unless the new Oddessy & Sienna have just added it).

    And the 300 will debut with an EIGHT-SPEED in the spring.

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