2011 Kia Sportage test drive coming up.

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Most of you were right.
I am driving the new Sportage.

Will report on it in a few days, and answer any questions you might have meanwhile…

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  1. I love the looks of this thing.

    My questions:
    1) What's the real world fuel economy?
    2) Any rumour of this becoming a hybrid?
    3) How is the space in the backseat with the drivers seat back?
    4) Does the back seat move (aka – Equinox)?
    5) Can you get the sunroof, heated seats and 18" wheels without leather?

    Thanks Vince! Love the site!!

  2. I drove one. Pretty nice. The rear window is tiny & I wonder about how to keep the dash material from getting all scratched up over time. Seats are a deal killer – too stiff & no support.

  3. The major negative I've heard is the stiff ride over poor roads and bumps. Other's like the overall ride quality given the great handling. What's your opinion vs other CUV's like the Forester or Roque?

  4. I bet you are going to like it. These guys with the Audiesque designs and sporty deiving dynamics are becoming a real threat to the Japanese.

  5. How is the view when backing up and switching lanes? Is it difficult with the blind spot from the back pillar? Also, please take a picture of the interior at night (around the console area/steering wheel). Thanks!

  6. I'd have a really hard time picking a CR-V or a new Sportage.

    Vince, you will REALLY like the Sportage.

    On a side note, it is VERY impressive that the CR-V is still America's best selling SUV going on almost its 5th year.

  7. A few friends of mine have CRVs and they love them.
    On the other hand, I didn't enjoy driving it myself.
    There is nothing wrong with the CRV, it is just so forgettable and a bore to drive. But that's me.

    I really enjoyed my wee with the Sportage.
    You need to at least test drive it if you're looking for a CRV or equivalent.
    But it does feel much sportier (steering and suspension), and not as smooth of a ride. So it's not for everyone.

    Drive everything comparable to the CRV before you buy.

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