2011 Mazda BT50

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And now for the new Ranger’s cousin, the Mazda version.

The front end looks weird compared to the rather conservative looking body from the Ranger.
It just doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the car. Like if they were trying too hard to look modern. Like an old design with a new front end redesigned years later.
But, at least they’re trying…

On the other hand, the interior looks great, especially for a pick up.

But, the BT50 will not be available in the US either…

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  1. Still better looking than the Tacoma. What auto makers need to do is make a sub 25k truck. At this price point i think people will not cross shop for the larger trucks.

  2. Mazda has now put their friggin' giant smile on the front of a truck. I can see the ads: "Mazda Trucks: for the gentler, nicer, softer You"

  3. I think this fits perfectly into the Mazda-Design-Line. And I like it. I think it is not easy for a company with really sporty and energetic styled cars to adopt a design for their pick up truck that is initially recognizable as a Mazda. The old truck and the Tribute didn't fit into their design concept at all. However, their cars are still hotter.

  4. I really don't like the style direction that Mazda has gone. This, like the Mazda 6, is too Japanese and not enough European. The headlamps and tail lamps are too feathery and childish looking for such a boxy vehicle.

    As for the rest of it, it's about as conventional and unremarkable as they could get. In that regard, there's not even much worth discussing. In my opinion, the Ford is a much more coherent design.

  5. I give them credit to be different ! finally someone melded car and truck together inside and out, ive ownen many many trucks and never had that nice of an interior. Yes alot of people will say it dont look rugged, as if i see any of those rugged range rovers off road , there always polished and detailed, so yes there is a market here in the states for this truck and i would buy one !
    The interesting thing about this truck is its aerodynamics, i would love to know the cd of this compared to the ranger and see if it gets any better mileage because of the difference in design .

  6. I like everything except the fake interior tail lights which are a waste of plastic….we all know where the REAL reverse lights are…

  7. Okay, a lot of complaining about the smile which I honestly don't care about, I think it looks okay especially on this truck. Mazda doesn't seem to have ANY problem moving the new 3's and that has the biggest smile out of all of them.

    Mazda SHOULD bring this here, seeing as they have no pickup offering. For Ford, I understand why they won't, but for Mazda is just pretty silly.

    Unless it is too costly for this to meet US crash standards and emissions, then they should think about bringing it to NA.

    Also, that interior IS very nice.

  8. Still better looking than the Tacoma. << NO KIDDING–ISN"T EVERYTHING?>> What auto makers need to do is make a sub 25k truck. They do. It's called Tacoma. And if you paid more than $25k for a new tacoma, I got a bridge in Jersy I'd like to sell you! (Unless of course you bought it from MY Toyota dealership– in which case I gotta thanks you for the obscenely generous profit margin!)

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