2012 BMW 3 series

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Obviously just an illustration, by some talented BMW fan.
But it does look really good.

A nice update on the current car.

We’ll see very soon what the real thing looks like…

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  1. Who Knows, but one thing's for certain… this 'rendering' falls directly in line with BMW's current 'play it safe'/one design many different sizes' philosophy.

    They might drive well, but these new BMWs are nothing at all to look at.

  2. I would take a design off the internet before i would pay some self-proclaimed infantile "stylist" to come up with something a retarded child could do.

  3. Big nostrils and very small headlights. There is also a strange upsweep on the side that almost lookks like cladding.

    I think/hope the real car will look better than this.

  4. I do like the front but it is too slab-sided. It looks like the tasteless sides on the Taurus,,,I know they do it for fuel economy reasons but stupid looking doesn't sell well just to save 1/2 MPG.

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